Morning Pixels: Michael Wilbon on the Nats

A lot of Washingtonians are losing their brain fluid over the Nats as the 2013 season dawns. For those who are no longer communicating with the real world, Michael Wilbon Trollbon has helpfully stepped up to provide a much-needed dose of caution troll them, to remind them that nothing in sports is a given troll them, and to encourage them to just enjoy the ride troll them.

This latest serving of drollness trollness came during Friday’s episode of PTI, when Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser were asked if the Nats would go over or under an absurdly high total of 98 wins.

“I have never seen a team with NO pedigree at all get so much slurpage,” Wilbon said. “We’re talking about the team itself. The manager Davey Johnson, who’s been around the block like 100 times, he knows what he’s talking about. We’re talking about the media, people like you. And oh, Richard Justice and Tim Kurkjian, who lived all or most of their lives in metropolitan Washington, D.C. I’m going UNDER. It ain’t just that easy. Oh, the ’27 Yanks, I forgot, Babe Ruth, he must be walking through that door in Washington. Under.”

The “pedigree,” I suppose, is that they won 98 games last year, brought everyone back, and filled several holes. As Kornheiser argued.

“I was surprised to find out that that was how many games they won last year,” Kornheiser said. “Presumably they get Strasburg all year, he’ll be better. Harper should be better this year. They went out and bought a closer, they went out and bought a center fielder. Our friends Richard Justice and Tim Kurkjian think they are the MOST talented team of all. I’m gonna go over. But I’m not guaranteeing any playoff wins or World Series, I’m going over on the number.”

The real Vegas number is, of course, closer to 93, so I’d go over under 98, too. I just wouldn’t use the word slurpage.



* Boz on Davey’s World Series or Bustism: “He knows. He believes. So, say it. They embrace it.”

* Tracee on the Nats hype: “They may wind up feeling like the entire dreadful Kardashian family rolled into one by the time October rolls around. And they have only themselves to blame.”

* Bradley Beal knows all the words to the Barney song, calls it “my song.”

* A day after scoring a last-minute empty-net equalizer to somehow salvage a win, the Caps gave up a last-minute empty-net equalizer to somehow suffer a loss.



Express gets ready for the Nats season with Taft. Via @jfdulac.



The New York Times gets ready for the Nats season with Taft. Via @mikeholden.



Of interest to me and possibly not to you: many people on Twitter began insisting on Sunday that to show video or gifs of Kevin Ware’s busted leg was uncouth. I disagreed. Clay Travis (here) and Will Leitch (here) argue convincingly that it was ok to show those moving pictures.



Three weeks ago, Ted Leonsis wrote this: “Goodbye, Orangemen. Georgetown closed out your old arena, closed out the final series with a sweep, and gets to continue to play in a newly constructed Big East – the real Big East.” Since then, Syracuse has gone 7-1 and advanced to the Final Four.



There’s a baseball game on at 1 on WUSA and MASN. All TV listings are here.

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