Dan Snyder and RGIII went to the ‘Oblivion’ party together

We already knew that Robert Griffin III went to the premiere of the Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman flick “Oblivion,” because RGIII told us so on Twitter, and also because he tweeted that amazing Getty photograph of himself and Freeman, seen below.

What we didn’t know — or at least, what I didn’t know — is that RGIII and his fiancee apparently went to the after-party with Dan and Tanya Snyder. These screengrabs are taken from a PopCandiesTV video, which shows the foursome walking down a red carpet together.

Of course, RGIII already had Cruise’s cell phone number in his phone, and Snyder is tight with Cruise, so perhaps none of this should be surprising. And I guess if Don Graham invited me to share his seats at a Caps game, I’d probably go. Especially if he had access to the veggie-and-dip plates that the other half seems to enjoy at Verizon Center.

Regardless, until Snyder starts posing for funny photos with his quarterback, the actor still wins.

By Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
By Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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