Davey Johnson does push-ups in Nats dugout

The bad: The Nats lost to the Cardinals again. Their record is perilously close to .500. Pete Kozma got on base like 15 times. Dan Haren couldn’t get an out in the sixth inning, and now has a 1-3 record to match Stephen Strasburg’s. Hacks from St. Louis were making fun of the D.C. crowd. And the Nats have lost four straight at home.

The good: MASN showed footage of Davey Johnson doing push-ups in the dugout. It’s unclear when the footage was taken, or what may have prompted the exercise routine, but this aired after the final out. Davey Johnson, in case you forgot, is 70 years old, and he still does push-ups in the dugout, which is cool.

The rest of it, not so cool.

(Via @thebrowncoat.)

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Dan Steinberg · April 22, 2013