Logan Paulsen donates his hair to Locks of Love

Logan Paulson, in full mountain man mode. (Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)

Logan Paulsen, in full mountain-man mode. (Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)


When Logan Paulsen showed up to Monday’s golf event, it was with freshly shorn locks. It turns out that the Redskins tight end’s cut was inspired by Locks of Love.

“I donate it every two years,” he explained, of his shorter ‘do. “They need 10 inches. I get that every one-and-a-half or two years.”

While the hair on his head is now a more conservative length, the beard is still growing in tribute to his friend, Nick Ekbatani, who has yet to take his first steps after a tragic motorcycle accident last year. It’s noble, but the real hero here is Paulsen’s wife.

“She’s been a trooper,” Paulsen said of his wife, who has been patient with the unruly facial hair. “She knows Nick, and she gets it. I think it bothers her, but ultimately she understands and supports it.”

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