Bryce Harper’s chin bandage

Harper photo by Reed Saxon – AP. RGIII photo by Ricky Carioti – TWP.

There have been many parallels drawn between Bryce Harper and Robert Griffin III. For example, both seem talented far beyond their age, both were named rookie of the year, both play their sports a million miles an hour, both immediately attracted national endorsement deals, both are magnets for children, both combine on-field flash with a respect for their elders, and both have played their sports while wearing massive bandages on their chins.

Stuff like that.

Harper joined the Chin Bandage Club on Wednesday night, when he pinch-hit in L.A. despite still feeling terrible.

This plate appearance resulted in many wire photos of Bryce Harper with a large chin bandage.

For example.

By Reed Saxon – AP.

By Reed Saxon – AP.

By Reed Saxon – AP.

By Reed Saxon – AP.

By Reed Saxon – AP.
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Dan Steinberg · May 16, 2013