Gio Gonzalez’s walk-up music, feat. Bob Carpenter

“Gio Gonzalez has a new walk-up song that includes someone rapping his name and Bob Carpenter’s voice,” James Wagner noted earlier this month. “That’s different.”

“Strange new walk-up song for Gio Gonzalez,” added’s Dan Kolko. “It involves a beat and a clip of MASN’s Bob Carpenter saying Gio at his absolute best.”

What was this strange beast of a walk-up ditty? WUSA9′s Kevin Jones got the details:

“A couple of days before his April 25th start against the Reds, Gonzalez assigned a new and unusual task to Stylus Chris, a freelance disc jockey who occasionally works with the Nats. Gonzalez heard the song Champagne for the Pain by Red Cafe, featuring Young Jeezy and became enamored with the beat. He wanted it as his walkup song but needed Stylus Chris to cover some of the vulgar lyrics….

Proposed with a challenge, Stylus Chris found a unique answer: covering the song with clips of Nationals announcers singing Gio’s praises throughout the last year.

And so, instead of vulgarity (read the lyrics here), you can hear Bob Carpenter and the radio duo of Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler singing those praises. That ensemble production probably moves Gonzalez’s tune ahead of Jayson “Game of Thrones” Werth on the list of most interesting Nats walk-up music.

Thanks to my pals Adam, Janice and Sam for passing along these videos from Monday’s game.

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