Davey Johnson, with goatee, looking sad

Patrick Semansky/AP.
Patrick Semansky/AP.

“I figured I couldn’t get any uglier, so what the heck,” Davey Johnson said last Friday, when he announced the birth of his facial hair. “Hopefully I can shave soon. I’ve never had a rally goatee. I’m not hairy enough to get one. Now it’s gray, you can’t hardly see it unless you get these close-ups that I get after the game, so I apologize. You can’t change the shape of a watermelon anyway. I’ll be like everybody else around here. Maybe I can change the luck.”

Hasn’t seemed to work, particularly. The Nats have scored 31 runs in their seven games since this happened, but they’re only 3-4 in that span, and have fallen back to .500 yet again.

Plus, I think the beard makes Sad Davey Johnson look even sadder.

Time to shave, in my opinion. Or maybe go with the Rally Mohawk.

Jonathan Newton/Washington Post.
Jonathan Newton/Washington Post.

Screengrab via MASNSports.com.


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Dan Steinberg · May 31, 2013