Sports Authority selling ‘Natitude’ jerseys

Via @kathrynhockey.
Via @kathrynhockey.

Oftentimes, the foulest of jersey fouls are created by fans, who go out of their way to stick personalized names or messages on their favorite team’s threads, creating one-of-a-kind abominations that prompt laughs and pointed fingers and photographs and blog posts.

Here, though, is an officially sanctioned jersey foul, shelf-ready, prepared for you to grab-and-go. Reader @kathrynhockey spotted this passel of “Natitude 12″ jerseys at a local Sports Authority.

That sent me to the Shop, where indeed, the “Natitude” shows up right near the Zimmerman” and “Strasburg.”

What’s next in local stores? “Take On Me 38?” “Untuck 29?” “National Det 48?” “Bursitis 34?” “Duck Commander 25?”

(Via @ianoland.)

(Note, a previous version of this item botched the LaRoche joke. It’s been fixed.)

Via Shop.
Via Shop.


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