About Jeff Kobernus’s tattoos

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

If Jeff Kobernus sticks around with the big-league club in D.C., you can likely expect multiple features about his tattoos this summer. Because he has an awful lot of them, compared to many of his teammates.

In the meantime, you’ve likely already noticed the ink when he steps up to the plate. The Detroit Free Press wrote a feature on the tattoos in March, complete with a half-dozen close-up photos. I can’t share those, but I can share some of the details in the story:

Kobernus, born and raised in San Leandro, Calif., got his first tattoo when he was 17. He said his parents, Jeffrey and Margie, weren’t thrilled when they found out, or with the subsequent tattoos that now cover his arms and torso…”They don’t like any of the tattoos really, because they don’t like me marking my body up, but they know some of it has special meaning to me,” he said.

Among the tattoos described by the Free Press: the words “Discipline, Desire and Dedication” on his left shoulder, the phrase “Chase Your Dream,” St. Michael the Archangel defeating evil, the phrase “Love to Breathe” in honor of his sister (who has cystic fibrosis), a cross on his ribs that includes his mother’s initials, flowers from his mother’s garden on his arm, and a portrait of his grandfather inspired by a military photo from the ’40s.

(Patrick McDermott/Getty)
(Patrick McDermott/Getty)

(Patrick McDermott/Getty)
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