Anthony Rendon calls his mullet ‘phenomenal’

(Screengrab via Fox broadcast)

Seemed like last time around this year, every morning brought a new batch of mirthful Nats items, from joyous home run celebrations to fanciful postgame huzzahs to whimsical clubhouse attire to festive media catchphrases.

Whereas this year has brought sad faces, plus poorly spelled and bilious comments from anonymous Internet readers.

Anyhow, for a brief moment over the weekend, it was 2012 again, as the youthful Anthony Rendon smiled his way through a one-day stretch that included his first home run, plus mass appreciation for his mullet.

Via Wagner:

“Got a little mullet power,” he added, as he reached to his hair to display his new haircut. “I gotta do a shoutout to [Adam LaRoche] for hooking me up with this awesome haircut.”

Were this 2012, LaRoche would no doubt have given a 15-minute discourse on the why and how of that haircut. Being a less jolly era, though, all we got was Rendon’s next-day interview with MASN’s Julie Alexandria.

Alexandria: Now a lot of people are crediting your good luck, your good fortune, your home run to that haircut.

Rendon: Yeah, it’s kind of phenomenal. I’m not gonna lie about it. Rochie did a good little artwork on it, and then I had Henry clean it up, make it actually look like a good haircut, a decent haircut, at least. I guess it got me a little bit of power.

Alexandria: So what started out as a little rookie hazing haircut turned into something pretty big for you?

Rendon: Yeah. I’m thinking I might keep it. It’s actually now a stylish little thing. Like, they brought back the mohawk a couple years ago; I might bring back the mullet.

Alexandria: You know, people on Twitter are calling it a Rally Mullet, they’re calling you Anthony Dirt. What do you think about all these new names?

Rendon: Hey, that’s fine with me. I mean, I guess that’s a good thing, if they’re talking about it. I think I’ll keep it for a little while.

Please do. And also send me some synonyms for happy, ‘cuz I’m all out.

(Screengrab via Fox broadcast)
(Screengrab via Fox broadcast)

(Screengrab via Fox broadcast)

(Screengrab via Fox broadcast)

(Screengrab via Fox broadcast)

(Screengrab via Fox broadcast)

(Screengrab via Fox broadcast)

(Screengrab via Fox broadcast)
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