Redskins-Cowboys joint fandom makes no sense

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If you’re a fan of, say, both the Wizards and the Thunder, that’s fine by me. Those teams rarely play, are in different conferences, and reside in different planes of NBA competitiveness.

If you’re a fan of, say, both the Nats and the Orioles, that’s mostly ok. They are in separate leagues, after all, although some Nats partisans would point out that the MASN arrangement means the Orioles have likely adversely affected the Nats’ on-field chances.

But if you’re a fan of both the Redskins and the Cowboys, well, I’ve got nothing. They are arch rivals. They play twice a year. They make up 50 percent of the NFC East. If one team is doing well, that has an obvious impact on the other team’s success. They have decades of bad blood. And their fans hate each other.

And yet, there’s some weird surge of joint Redskins/Cowboys support, at least judging by these three cars that were spotted on local roadways within the past week.

Stop this, people. You’re being weird. Be more normal. Or at least e-mail me an explanation.

(Thanks to @recordsANDradio)

(On the other hand, I approve of the RGIII bumper sticker seen below.)

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(Via @LWell30)
(Via @LWell30)
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