UrbanDaddy kayaking item takes shots at the Nats

Jeez, lose 9 of 11 games, and all of a sudden even the UrbanDaddy items about kayaking trips down the Anacostia River are taking shots at the local baseball team.

“The Nationals this weekend: simply atrocious,” reads this notice about Ballpark Boathouse, a new kayaking outfit. “But it’s okay. We’re not here to talk about futile hitting or disappearing playoff hopes.”

Good! Later, the item suggests a course past RFK Stadium.

“You’ll be in no danger from the other team’s home runs,” it promises. “They fly in the other direction.”

I mean, is it 2008 again or something? What’s going on here?

(Via Readers John and Ryan)

(Note: A previous version of this item incorrectly suggested the UrbanDaddy item was an ad. It did not involve any sponsorship or advertising. Apologies.)

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