Chris Chester as Darth Vader

(Screengrab via Fox 5)
(Screengrab via Fox 5)

Tuesday, I showed you Alfred Morris acting out a scene from “Jerry Maguire.

Wednesday, it’s Chris Chester as Darth Vader in “The Empire Strikes Back,” again via Fox 5, which will apparently be doing this all through training camp.

“The amazing thing is, he didn’t even need a script,” sports anchor Scott Smith reported after the segment. “He just knew it. He knew the movie.”

“I kind of dug deep within to my own personal dark side, which I don’t like to go to a lot,” Chester told Smith after nailing his lines. “For the scene I felt that it was best for me to pull up all that darkness within me.”

Then Smith asked if Chester had channeled Vader during that day’s practice.

“I think every day I try to be Vader a little bit,” Chester noted. “It’s kind of what motivates me, in life and other things.”

As for acting awards, “I anticipate there will be quite the buzz from this scene, but you can’t get too far ahead of yourself,” Chester said.

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