RGIII autographs life-sized RGIII painting

July 31, 2013

(Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post

Jonathan Hirsch showed up to training camp on Tuesday with his Redskins gear, three friends in tow and an almost life-sized painting of Robert Griffin III.

“I’m a huge Redskins fan, and when I found out they were coming here I thought it would be my best bet to come in here and get noticed and have him see it,” said Hirsch. “I’ve been a Redskins fan for a long as I’ve known what football was.”

The piece is a 6-by-4 foot acrylic on canvas that took the Richmond native 20 hours and a little more than a month to complete. The work of art commemorates the first regular season touchdown pass of RGIII’s career.

Hirsch said his mission was to have the Redskins quarterback notice his tribute, and it didn’t take long to fulfill. During pre-practice stretching, fullback Erik Kettani, an artist himself, looked over at the painting and nudged RGIII, who was stretching next to him. RGIII turned around, saw it and smiled.

Mission accomplished.

After practice, RGIII stopped by to admire the painting and sign it for Hirsch. The artist was blown away, and had a hard time finding the words to describe the moment.

“I can’t believe it,” he said. “I just wanted him to see it. To have him sign it is just amazing.”

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