An Ovechkin Nats jersey, and other abominations

Monday was just an ordinary Monday around here. People went to lunch and drank coffee, kids went to camp and put on lip gloss, bored adults watched the finale of “The Bachelorette,” a rich dude bought The Washington Post, and lots of D.C. sports fans wore weird jerseys.

I still don’t know if D.C. sports fans own more weird jerseys per capita than fans in other regions, or if D.C. sports fans just post more photos on the Internet per capita than fans in other regions, leading to a glut of images of weird jerseys. Regardless, thanks to @drew_tomlinson, @allenjkha, @straussanator, @andrewtabs and @JClem19 for this latest batch.

Above is a patron at Bar Louie from Monday evening. He appears to have stitched together home and road Redskins jerseys for Robert Griffin III. Presumably he has the reversed combination at home.

Then there’s this guy, with the Ovechkin Nats jersey. Ought to go nicely with the Ovechkin Redskins jersey.

(Via @allenbkhva)


This looks so familiar I might have actually posted it previously, but you can’t tell, because “ROSS THE BOSS” is fairly innocuous, as weird D.C. jerseys go.

(Via @andrewtabs)


Same thing with “BAM BAM” here. My impression is that the previous BAM-BAM I’ve seen was a shirsey, but I couldn’t swear to it.

(Via @JClem19)
(Via @JClem19)


Normally I wouldn’t use an image as blurry as this one, but for DR. KICKBUTT I’ll make an exception.

(Via @andrewtabs)
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