DC Brau, Meridian Pint collaborate on free FedEx Field tailgate (UPDATED)

August 26, 2013

(Courtesy Meridian Pint)

Note: Due to complaints from the Redskins about confusion regarding the use of the team’s colors and FedEx Field name in promotional materials, this event has been canceled. The promotional poster has also been removed from this blog item; it was replaced with the above photo.FedEx Field isn’t really known for its craft beers, or its awesomeness. But DC Brau, Meridian Pint and Smoke & Barrel are collaborating on a free tailgate before the Monday Night Football opener that promises both craft beers and awesomeness.

The event, which is open to those of legal drinking age, starts at 3 in E42 of the Green Lot and runs up until kickoff, scheduled at 7. Organizers are promising free food, and free DC Brau beer. Interested persons — by which I mean, persons who are alive — must sign up in person at DC Brau, Meridian Pint or Smoke & Barrel by Saturday Sept. 7.

“We want to throw down for the season opener and figured we would invite everyone else,” the organizers explained, in a message that might have been delivered from heaven.

For more information, see here.

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