Did Clay Matthews call RGIII ‘What’s his name’?

August 26, 2013
(Via YouTube)

Watching this clip is not a terribly unsettling experience. During Friday’s Packers-Seahawks game, CBS Sports’s Tracy Wolfson was doing just a run-of-the-mill preseason sideline interview with a resting star — in this case, Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews — when the star happened to have a reboot of his mind. Here’s a transcript, more or less.

Wolfson: [Playing] against Russell Wilson and this offense, how good of preparation is it going into the regular season?

Matthews: It’s real good preparation. We start out the season with the 49ers. I mean, we got…uh…what’s his name.

Wolfson: Colin Kaepernick?

Matthews: No no, the Redskins, coming here Week 2. So it’s great preparation.

In fact, under one interpretation, “What’s his name” might actually refer to the Redskins as a team, and not their quarterback specifically. More of a “whatchamacallit” than a literal “what is his name,” if you get me.

Still, a huge number of viewers quickly decided that Clay Matthews had just referred to RGIII as “whatshisname,” and that this demanded satisfaction.





















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