Logan Paulsen has never been to a concert

August 28, 2013

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of 26-year-olds have been to at least one concert in their life, which makes Logan Paulsen a bit of an anomaly.

“You know what, I’ve never actually been to a concert,” the Redskins tight end admitted Tuesday, when asked by the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan what his favorite concert was. “I know that sounds kinda lame. I know it’s a little weird.”

A little weird, but at least he has a favorite band, right?

“When I was growing up, I didn’t listen to any music,” he said. “I didn’t listen to the radio or anything like that. And then when I got into high school I started a little bit. But I don’t own an iPod, I don’t own CDs or anything, if that’s still even a thing.”

Yes, still a thing.

Being further down on the Redskins totem pole, Paulsen doesn’t get to pick the locker room music, but his teammates are doing their best to expose him to different tunes.

“Whoever makes the most money gets to pick the music, in my experience,” he said. “Trent, DeAngelo, those kind of guys. I’ve been exposed to quite a bit of hip-hop. It’s not that I don’t like music, I’m just not attached to it like some people are.”

At the end of the interview, we learn that Paulsen has only one television and watches “Big Bang Theory” and “Project Runway.” I’d totally make fun of that, but I watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

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