ESPN cameraman was on ‘RG3 injury watch’

September 10, 2013

Redskins fan Adam Bitely was seated behind an ESPN cameraman during last night’s game at FedEx. This was apparently an RGIII-dedicated camera, and the operator had notes on what to look out for. Bitely had the good sense to grab a photo of the notes, and passed them along (via @recordsANDradio). Here’s the photo, transcription below.


1 – Skins offense on the field – RG3 injury watch – NEVER LEAVE HIM – Follow to the bench after the series.

2 –  Stay with him if there is an issue – injury, fatigue, frustration.

3 –  When RG3 throws a TD pass, be ready on my cue to you – pick up his parents or…[handwritten note about Dr. James Andrews]

4 – Eagles on Offense – sit on Jim Haslett, it is an automatic cut and will be used in a split screen with Chip Kelly.

5 – Pregame: Iso of RG3 parents for runout, 1st time on field, TD run or pass after the play. After a big hit.

Remember, if RGIII gets hit hard, cut to mom. Hopefully she’ll be crying. Television gold!

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