Brian Orakpo on pronunciation of his last name

September 30, 2013

After a win, you have the luxury to ask players fun questions and elicit fun answers and generally discuss things other than dire situations and must-wins and dark clouds of dismay.

“He probably doesn’t even realize this, but the broadcasters were calling you Orapko most of the game” Comcast SportsNet’s Rob Carlin told Brian Orakpo Sunday evening. “I think they know your name now.”

“Well, they suck for doing that,” Orakpo deadpanned.

Or maybe he was really mad.

Regardless, this is the second week in a row a player found something sucky during postgame coverage. Last week, of course, Robert Griffin III said the NFL’s head-first QB sliding rule was sucky. And in any case, as previously noted, sometime in the third quarter Fox’s Dick Stockton was informed that his Orac-ko wasn’t the Orakpo he was looking for, and he made the fix.

Orakpo also said he wished the team had a game next week

“I think the majority of the team would love to continue to play,” he told Chick Hernandez. “We all hate early bye weeks. Anybody in the NFL knows that an early bye week is not the best thing. But the schedule is what it is, and we’ve just got to deal with it. But we would love to get a bye week in week 10 or so, when we really need it.


Via the Raiders Web site, here’s Charles Woodson on RGIII:

He’s a little different than last year. I think the brace is probably a little cumbersome for him so he’s probably not as mobile or as fast as he was without it, but they made enough plays during the game to come out with a win.

I saw this car in a Germantown shopping center over the weekend. I’m guessing the owner is from Maryland. No confirmation, though.

(Dan Steinberg/The Washington Post)
(Dan Steinberg/The Washington Post)

Via ESPN 980′s Kevin Sheehan:

Alex Ovechkin was in Greece for Olympic torch duty, and he posted some very powerful images and thoughts. He also had a few typos.


My policy is generally not to offer “yeah, but…” qualifications following either NFL wins or losses, because the modern NFL is weird and tempestuous and flighty, and you can’t really chart weekly momentum or progress, and random playoff teams regularly win the Super Bowl, and teams that look great through four weeks regularly don’t. So I think almost nothing from Washington’s win over Oakland really matters, in the bigger picture, other than the result. Others, of course, understandably search for signs, and I didn’t see anyone less happy by what he saw than The Times’s Nathan Fenno:

Other than the scoreboard, though, the Redskins didn’t provide reason for optimism about this team in 60 mistaken-ridden minutes. The story of self-inflicted problems is familiar — the story, really, of this unraveled season that this game did nothing to end. Nothing that unfolded on the dirt infield between the desperate pounding of ‘Back in Black’ showed the unprepared, unfocused group is ready to become the playoff contender so many predicted.

Via WUSA’s Kevin Jones, here’s Trent Williams after the game. He looks happy.

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