Kevin Seraphin’s snake is on the loose

September 30, 2013

(via @kevin_seraphin)

Last season, I told you that Kevin Seraphin gave away his birds because they made too much noise early in the morning.

“At the beginning she was cool,” he told me at the time about his bird, April. “Then I had another one and they both was together. Then every morning, AH-AH, AH-AH.”
So that’s two birds down, but he still has his snake, right?

“I don’t have Snakey anymore,” Seraphin admitted to Monumental’s Casey Phillips. “One day I just [went to] the cage and he wasn’t there. “He escaped,” he continued. “I did not lose it. He was in the cage and he just escaped.”

Seraphin doesn’t seem worried about a snake on the loose in his house. Unlike myself, who is very worried and probably won’t be accepting any dinner invitations anytime soon. (For the record, Snakey is a harmless milk snake.)

So, this logically means that Seraphin has realized that he’s a suspect pet owner and is going to stay animal-free for a while.

“I gave my birds [away],” he reminded Phillips. “Now I got some dogs.” Hey, maybe they’ll find the snake.

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