CNN makes Sav Rocca the face of the shutdown

October 16, 2013

Sav Rocca is an Australian-born punter for the Redskins who does not bear very much responsibility for the U.S. government shutdown. I mean, maybe a little bit, but probably Keith Burns is more to blame than Rocca. As is the lint embedded in my Washington Post-issued keyboard. As is Mothra.

Nevertheless, for a while on Tuesday night, was using poor Mr. Rocca as the face of the government shutdown. Because, I guess, he plays in Washington, and had a punt blocked three weekends ago in Oakland.

Of course, Ravens punter Sam Koch had a punt blocked more recently. Just this past week. And yet CNN doesn’t pick on him. Open season on Washington’s special teams, apparently.

Also, Reader Mike sent along this image from an area washroom, indicating a certain loss of faith among at least one bathroom-going Redskins fan. Or person-with-pen, anyhow.

(Thanks to Ben)

(Via Mike)
(Via Mike)
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