Mike Shanahan names Peyton Manning the best QB in the NFL

October 25, 2013

There’s no doubt that Mike Shanahan has a high opinion of his own quarterback, Robert Griffin III. But in a call with WTOP, the Redskins coach named Peyton Manning as the best quarterback in the NFL.

“I don’t think there’s any question about it, you just take a look at his body of work, what he’s done since he’s been in the NFL,” Shanahan said. “He’s just a master of what he does and he’s got a good supporting cast to go with him. And that’s why I think they’re number one in almost every statistical area except for rushing.”

Kyle Shanahan also had high praise for Manning, and believes that as quarterbacks who can run like RGIII become more common, there will always be room for gunslingers.

“That type of quarterback will always have a place,” he said in his regular Thursday press conference. “The NFL is…you gotta get a good quarterback and you can be a good quarterback any type of way possible.

“I think there’s always going to be room for both,” he continued, talking about running and passing quarterbacks. “Just because five years from now, people like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning aren’t gonna play in the league. You can watch them for 10 years and they’re still picking people apart without the threat of their legs.”


Chris Baker with an ax to grind.


Bacarri Rambo, on being benched:

“It’s been miserable. I ain’t sat there and watched ever in my life, at least not since 2008 when I redshirted. But I’m not in the slumps. I’m just looking at everything in a positive way. I’ll go out there, work on everything — like I said, my angle tackling, work on my coverage.”


George Mason and George Washington Universities introduced the “Revolutionary Rivalry.” Dan wrote about it a few weeks ago, but here’s the video promoting the new tradition.


Nothing local. No World Series. Go out and spend time with other humans. All TV/Radio listings here.


Tampa Bay’s cannon tradition caught a few people off guard last night, namely Steve Marriucci and Cam Newton. It’s still not funnier than Torrey Smith in an earthquake, though. (via SBNation)

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