Ovechkin sings backup in music video for Sochi

November 7, 2013

Alex Ovechkin can add another video to his list of music-video cameos.

Ovi appears alongside some of his Russian national team buddies in this jam designed to pump people up for Sochi. According to RMNB, this is the translation for the super-catchy chorus:

Shaybu! Shaybu! Victory will be ours!
Shaybu! Shaybu! Guys, we are with you!
If we have to, we’ll score even more!
Shaybu! Shaybu! Russia is behind you!
Shaybu! Shaybu! Guys, you are strong!
We are the Russian team! We are are the Red Machine!

Raise your hand if you’ll be singing “Shaybu! Shaybu” all day long.

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