Georgetown’s Armed Forces Classic uniforms

November 8, 2013

Georgetown will open its season against No. 19 Oregon at a U.S. Army base in South Korea Friday night, as part of ESPN’s Armed Forces Classic. Both teams, naturally, will take the court in special uniforms. Via Nike:

To pay tribute to the military, both schools will be dressed in camouflage-print Nike Hyper Elite uniforms – the brand’s most advanced system of dress and lightest basketball uniform ever produced.

In addition to the distinct camouflage patterns and superior weight reduction, the game uniforms feature unique embellishments. An American flag prominently sits on the left side of of the chest above the heart on each jersey, while the name plate on the back bears the letters “U.S.A”. for Oregon and “RESPECT” for Georgetown, instead of the player’s last name.

The school passed along these images of the uniforms; there appear to be a few other players than “RESPECT” on this team. I guess we’ll see what they look like on Friday night.

(Via Georgetown Athletics)
(Via Georgetown Athletics)
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