Another fake Redskins radio broadcast

November 14, 2013
(Via @thecooleyzone)
(Via @thecooleyzone)

If the Redskins fail to rally this season, all that we’ll have left to do is speculate on Mike Shanahan’s future and listen to sports-radio hosts cannibalize each other.

The latter has already started. Danny Rouhier, a mid-day host at 106.7 The Fan, issued his second fake Redskins Radio Network broadcast, again taking primary aim at Larry Michael. But this time, he threw in a mocking aside about Kevin Sheehan, who, coincidentally, is a mid-day host at ESPN 980. Actually (checking schedules), it turns out that Sheehan’s program runs at the very same time as Rouhier’s, on a rival station! Weird!

Oh, and speaking of D.C. sports radio, issued its annual ranking of the top 100 sports-radio programs. Here’s where the locals finished.

No. 31: The Tony Kornheiser Show

No. 45: The Junkies

No. 61: The Sports Fix, with Loverro and Sheehan

No. 77: LaVar and Dukes

No. 96: The Drive, with Cooley and Czabe

The fact that Colin Cowherd finished above all of these programs makes me believe the list is actually ranked from worst to best.

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