RGIII with Tim Tebow on Super Bowl weekend

February 3, 2014

via @LevanReid

Here’s a picture of RGIII and Tim Tebow from one Super Bowl weekend event or another. Apparently the universe brought these two together because it knows the value of a page view. (via @recordsANDradio)

Other Redskins players also spent time in New York City this weekend to enjoy the festivities. Chris Baker checked out some parties.

Kirk Cousins went a different route and took in a Broadway show.


And Alfred Morris enjoyed some stealth time.


Many other athletes in the D.C. sports community enjoyed the Super Bowl from the comforts of a couch. Here’s a rundown of who was rooting for the Broncos, who liked the Seahawks, which ones approved of the Bruno Mars performance and which just watched for the commercials.






















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