Maryland selling Big Ten T-shirts

I guess it stands to reason that Maryland-Big Ten merchandise would have been on store shelves by now, but I haven’t seen any, either on shelves or on people.

But after’s Chantel Jennings posted this image of an actual person wearing an actual Maryland Big Ten shirt, I looked at the school’s athletics web site. And sure enough.


From the item description:

You’re a proud supporter of the Maryland Terrapins, and you’re pleased to be a part of the Big Ten conference. Show your support of the Terrapins and of the conference with this Big Ten T-shirt. This shirt features a team logo and the Big Ten logo, surrounded by “Maryland Terrapins” lettering. With this tee you can express your love for your team, as well as the entire conference – as long as they’re not playing Maryland of course.

Man, that’s weird looking. I’ll try not to just say that in every Maryland blog item for the next 20 years. Also, all the good sizes are out of stock already.


Veteran Al Harrington assesses the state of the Wizards:

“Our weakest thing at this point is our mental toughness,” he said. “We really lock in for the good teams and then we allow these teams that are sub-par and we just relax. We try to play in the last six minutes of the game and think we can turn it on but we’re not the Miami Heat. We’re not that good. We can be that good as far as closing teams out. We’re not there yet. That’s what these guys need to realize.”


That’s a lot of blue.



Georgetown hosts Providence on Fox Sports 1. Maryland is at Virginia at 9 on ESPNU. All radio and TV listings are here.

Dan Steinberg writes about all things D.C. sports at the D.C. Sports Bog.
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