A Nats snowman diamond

(Courtesy the Luttoco family)
(Courtesy the Lattucas)

Every time it snows, people make D.C. sports-themed snowmen. It’s a worthy pursuit, and I don’t like to be judgmental about such things.

But this is the best D.C. sports-themed snow display I’ve seen, at least emerging from this particular snowstorm. It features a baseball field, fully stocked with nine Nationals. (Well, eight-and-a-half, possibly. Eight of the SnowNats are full sized, and the catcher is kind of a mini-snowman. See below.)

Now, if you look really closely, you might also notice that a few people are playing out of position, and that the outfielders are playing extraordinarily shallow. But that’s like complaining that the people in Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party aren’t looking at each other. You don’t really question the artist on these things.

(Courtesy the Lattucas)
(Courtesy the Lattucas)

The piece was the work of a 30-something husband and wife team, Frank and Susan Lattuca, who live in Del Ray and blog at Nationals 101. They spent several hours on the installation, although Frank notes that if he had thought about it before the storm hit he would have gotten food coloring for the “grass,” and to insert mustaches, beards and eye blacks on the “players.”

The Lattucas also built home plate right against the fence, forgetting to leave sufficient room for a catcher, thus explaining his small stature. Either that, or the SnowNats traded for Pedroia and put him behind the plate.

Frank is a Western New Yorker by birth, like me, so he’s clearly spent plenty of time working with various snow things, but this was his first baseball field. And yes, the Lattucas owned all of these jerseys and shirts, although most of them were bought either used or discounted.

So did the finished product justify the time spent?

“Totally worth it,” he wrote in an e-mail. “We loved doing it and we were happy just to share with our friends. To have it blow up a bit  and get such a huge positive response was fabulous. So glad it made so many people smile!”

(See more photos on their Facebook page)

(Courtesy the Lattucas)
(Courtesy the Lattucas)
(Courtesy the Lattucas)
(Courtesy the Lattucas)
(Courtesy the Lattucas)
(Courtesy the Lattucas)

(Of course, like all great things….)

Dan Steinberg writes about all things D.C. sports at the D.C. Sports Bog.
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