Testudo gets a new paint job

February 25, 2014

Seemingly every athletic team at the University of Maryland — plus cafeteria workers, street pavers, agricultural department cows and several varieties of shrubbery — has received its own state-flag themed get-up in recent years.

Now, Testudo has joined the fray.

Here, you can see the turtle as he appeared at the Wizards game Saturday night at Verizon Center.

By Monday night at Comcast Center, the state flag theme had infected my man’s shell, spreading things Calvert and Crossland throughout the turtle’s body.

An athletic department spokesman said this was done specifically for Monday’s “Gold Rush” game against Syracuse. No word if the paint job will become permanent.

(Via @the_real_GWiz, @LiveByTheSward and @PRonkkkk)

(Via @PRonkkkk)
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