Alyssa Thomas fills Brenda Frese’s office with balloons

(Via @umdwbb)

Before Maryland coach Brenda Frese told Alyssa Thomas that her jersey would go up in the Comcast Center rafters, she attempted to terrify her star with a severe introduction.

“So I’ve got obviously some news I’ve gotta share with you that I thought was gonna take place but I wasn’t sure,” Frese began. “Obviously to protect you, because the media’s gonna find out. And I think we collectively have to make a decision how you want to handle it — if you want me to call your parents or if you want to call your parents — but I need you to look at the information I received.”

And so on and so forth. Then she handed Thomas an envelope that explained the whole jersey-raising thing.

“You got me,” Thomas said. “you got me good.”

In an attempt to get revenge, Thomas later filled Frese’s office with a thousand balloons. Although that isn’t scary. That’s just happy. Everyone should have a thousand balloons in his or her office. Heck, everyone should have an office. Looking at you, boss.

Anyhow, because they’re college kids, Thomas and her co-conspirators made sure to document the ballooning. As you can see.

(Read more in Gene Wang’s game story.)

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