Wizards fan hits half-court shot, promises to buy diapers

(Via Monumental Network)

Every part of this second-half mid-game entertainment segment at Wednesday night’s Wizards game is perfect: that “Matt” — clad in a Nats hat — is given an opportunity win the seemingly modest sum of $500 by hitting a half-court shot; that he nails the shot and is then hugged by G-Man; and, especially, that his post-victory interview went like this:

Host: What was your secret behind that half-short caught?

Matt: $500 buys a lot of diapers right now. So Costco needs….

Host: Alright, so his child inspired that halfcourt shot.

Sure he or she did, in the same way that my daughter’s need to buy Costco snacks for her first-grade class inspired this blog post. We go to Costco, too. Cheese sticks, raisin boxes, granola bars: you can get all the classroom snacks you desire. It’s my daily inspiration.

Anyhow, the crowd apparently liked it.

Watch the shot and interview below. It was likely the highlight of the night.

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