Adam LaRoche joins Twitter

via Buck Commander Facebook page

Last Thursday, country singer Jason Aldean announced that his hunting buddy, Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche, had joined Twitter.

On Saturday, LaRoche tweeted.

And as of this morning, LaRoche has more than 8,500 followers. He has followed 16 accounts, including Ryan Langerhans, and favorited one tweet — a link to a music video featuring former Atlanta Braves teammate Chipper Jones.

I was curious, so I checked out a few other Nationals players’ #FirstTweets (listed in order from the latest to the earliest adopters):

I wonder what Blevins would do to avoid D.C. traffic.

I so wanted this to be “Nothing But Goggles.”

Translation: Let’s see how it goes for me here. Greetings all!

Three years later, Frandsen is the new kid at school again.

It would appear that Strasburg’s first tweet was about Pedro Martinez shutting down the Nationals for the penultimate win of his career.

Scott Allen writes about all things D.C. sports. Follow him on Twitter @ScottSAllen or e-mail him if you’ve got a tip to share.
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