Why the Nats Park clock lost its hands

(John Kelly / The Washington Post)
(John Kelly / The Washington Post)

I’ve written more often about the Curly W clock at Nationals Park than about any other clock in the world.

If you’ve forgotten, the really quite nice-looking timekeeper was broken in 2009.

It was broken in 2012.

It was spectacularly broken in 2013, giving all sorts of different, incorrect times, and changing quickly enough that the “broken clock is right twice a day” maxim wasn’t even correct.

On opening weekend of 2014, the Nats Park Curly W clock never once gave the incorrect time. Or the correct time. That’s because it no longer has hands.

Turns out the gear mechanism that runs the clock hands began experiencing problems last season, and it became increasingly more difficult to repair, so the team decided to remove the hands, according to a team spokeswoman. It has not yet been decided if or when the hands will return.

In the meantime, please just treat the large Curly W near the scoreboard as if it were a piece of conceptual Nats-themed art. The 12 stars surrounding the Curly W can be thought of as representing Washington’s two rivers, four quadrants, and six Metro lines, if you count the silver one.

(Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)
(Dan Steinberg / The Washington Post)
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