A Nats-inspired Chicken McNugget pizza

As you know, the Nats have a new deal with McDonalds, in which anyone can get a free six-piece of Chicken McNuggets the day after the Nats score at least six runs.

As you also know, the Nats have a pre-existing deal with Papa John’s in which you can get a half-price pizza the day after the Nats score at least seven runs in a victory.

On Thursday, the Nats crushed the Marlins, 7-1. That meant free McNuggets and half-price pizza.

And for one American hero, that meant both things simultaneously.

He called his shot on Thursday, after the deals were activated.

And when I asked for proof, he delivered.

(Via @CountBracula)
(Via @CountBracula)

Somewhat amazingly, he wasn’t the only person who went down this road.

And the results? Well, about what you’d expect.

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