Randy Wittman says Wizards haven’t accomplished anything yet

April 24, 2014

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

When you’re the coach with the best winning percentage in NBA postseason history, you’re going to get some interview requests from nationally syndicated shows. I can only assume that’s why Randy Wittman joined ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” this morning to talk about Washington’s 2-0 lead over the Bulls.

After discussing the Wizards’ physicality in the first two games of the series, Mike Golic asked Wittman if his team has used a perceived lack of respect and attention from the national media as motivation this postseason.

“No, and I don’t want them to,” Wittman said. “As we moved forward in this year and we continued to see what type of team we could become, I just really wanted them focused on themselves. We hadn’t done anything to garner any of that attention. The only way to do that was to be successful, and continue on winning, get ourselves into a playoff and then try to make some noise in the playoff. I just want them focusing on that. To do that, we’ve got to play the right way … I didn’t care what everybody around us was talking about, and I still don’t. We still have not accomplished anything. We’ve won two games; you have to win four. That’s the mental edge that I want our guys to keep. There are people talking about what we’ve done in the first two games, but we have not accomplished anything in this series yet.”

Preserving his perfect postseason record won’t be easy.

“I told our guys leading up into today that we’re going to have to play harder than we have in the first two games,” Wittman said. “I want our team to be greedy, and have an understanding of why did we win these first two games. And it is going to be tough as this series moves on, no matter what happens in these next few games, each game is going to be harder and harder.”

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