Wizards radio broadcast used Lady Gaga tunes for Game 2

(Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)

Before this memorable Lady Gaga Work Week slips away, I’d remiss if I didn’t note that the Washington Wizards Radio Network deserves all the praise in the world for its extensive use of Lady Gaga’s music as intros and outros during Game 2 of the Wizards-Pacers series.

“That’s Lady Gaga,” Wizards play-by-play voice Dave Johnson said during halftime, as “Poker Face” played in the background. “Of course, I had to be told that, but that’s Lady Gaga.”

Ben Raby from the Wizards Radio Network told me that producers received multiple requests to play Gaga’s music during the broadcast. If you haven’t listened to the Wizards radio call much, this is one of the more interactive and festive radio broadcasts around; they call it the Twitter Radio Party, and there are frequent interactions with listeners, many of which border on the surreal. Or go past that border.

In any case, depending on what happens next on the court, there could be more Gaga references during future game broadcasts.

Oh, and when Bradley Beal hit that late, near-desperation three-pointer to prolong the Game 2 drama for a bit, this happened.

“What a gigantic onion shot that was. Huge onions!” Glenn Consor said.

“That was a whole produce section,” Johnson added.

“That was onions and kiwis and everything else, man,” Consor agreed.

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