Embassy of Poland sends pierogies to Shaq, has Wizards fever

One night after Shaquille O’Neal revealed his complete lack of Polish culinary knowledge, Georgia’s honorary consul to Poland brought pierogies, kielbasa, croquettes and beer from a new Polish restaurant in Atlanta to TNT’s NBA studio crew.

“My understanding is that Sir Charles needed help in educating Shaq about Polish food,” honorary consul Lawrence Ashe said.

Shaq devoured a pierogi, despite the fact that Ashe didn’t bring any BBQ sauce.

Marcin Gortat, who was enjoying an American dinner at home, noticed. Now I’m torn about whether to barbecue pierogies or pick up Five Guys as tonight’s lucky pregame meal.

While they didn’t appear to get to try any food, reporters from WJLA and Comcast SportsNet visited the Embassy of Poland in D.C. yesterday. As you might expect, people there were pretty excited about Gortat’s career game on Tuesday.

And just for the record, you can barbecue a pierogi, according to someone with some degree of authority on the matter.

Scott Allen writes about all things D.C. sports. Follow him on Twitter @ScottSAllen or e-mail him if you’ve got a tip to share.
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