Alex Ovechkin flashes peace sign next to Vladimir Putin

Alex Ovechkin has never stood on ceremony in the presence of political power.

“Today is a big day; I have the key for the city,” Ovechkin told Adrian Fenty in 2008. “I am president this day in the city. For one day. So everybody have fun — no speed limit.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a few levels up from Fenty, but still, Ovechkin remained Ovechkin, flashing the peace sign during official photographs celebrating’s Russia’s victory in the ice hockey world championships.


As you can see by Putin’s darting eyes and subsequent “the heck is going on here?” smile, the President was not expecting the peace signal move. (Gif via Russian Machine, which has much more on the proceedings.)

Ovechkin wasn’t the only one to show some character in these photographs. Here’s Evgeni Malkin, followed by some Putin merriment

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