After claiming D.C. for ‘Birdland,’ MASN attempts to annex Delaware

(Via MASN)

Last month, MASN’s Orioles broadcast declared the Tidal Basin part of “Birdland.” That seemed a tiny bit sketchy to me, insofar as the Tidal Basin is like a 20-minute jog from Nationals Park.

Tuesday night’s target is a bit trickier. This time, the Orioles broadcast declared the University of Delaware a part of “Birdland.” Now, I went to the University of Delaware, so this too was close to my heart. I had friends from Slower Delaware and northern Maryland who were indeed committed to the O’s. I had far more friends from Northern Delaware, New Jersey and the Philly ‘burbs who were, regrettably, Phillies fans. This was in the mid-to-late ’90s, when the Orioles were contenders. But I did not feel like I was in Birdland.

A glance at that Facebook baseball zip code map would seem to support my impression. The Phillies are “liked” by at least 65 percent of baseball fans in all the zip codes surrounding Newark. The Orioles don’t even register, finishing behind the Yankees and Red Sox.

As you head south through the state, into Kent and then Sussex counties, the proportion of Orioles fans gradually rises, until finally it surpasses the Phillies. The beach counties are a real battlefield. That meshes well with my experience.

And so, opinions on MASN’s claim were mixed.

But whatever. The more interesting question is why the MASN Nats broadcasts don’t show us all the scenic parts of NatsTown. Maybe next season.

(Via MASN)

(Via MASN)

(Via MASN)
Dan Steinberg writes about all things D.C. sports at the D.C. Sports Bog.
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