The Potomac Nationals’ Jayson Werth BobbleBeard giveaway is hairy and amazing

June 10, 2014

We didn’t think today’s bearded stadium giveaway news could get any better after the Washington Nationals provided a first look at their Jayson Werth Garden Gnome this morning.

Then the Potomac Nationals tweeted a photo of the Jayson Werth BobbleBeard the team will give away on Saturday at Pfitzner Stadium.

Wow. Just look at those flowing, doll hair-like locks, which extend halfway down Werth’s miniature, plastic back.

The BobbleBeard giveaway is part of Potomac’s Beard-A-Palooza celebration, which begins Friday with awards for the hairiest and scariest beard in Northern Virginia and a variety of beard-related promotions between innings.

I think I want both of these giveaways more than I’ve ever wanted another giveaway before.

Scott Allen writes about all things D.C. sports. Follow him on Twitter @ScottSAllen or e-mail him if you’ve got a tip to share.
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