You really, really want the Jayson Werth garden gnome

June 10, 2014

(AP Photo)

Last week, we got our first good look at the Bryce Harper bobblehead that the Nationals will give out to the first 25,000 fans on June 30. If garden gnomes are more your thing — especially garden gnomes with excellent beards and sunglasses — you’ll want to be one of the first 25,000 fans through the Nationals Park gates on August 5th.

#WerthGoesGnome, y’all.

That’s a fine looking Jayson Werth garden gnome; it’s just a shame his old glove Betsy isn’t featured.

The gnome would look nice next to this Jayson Werth Bobblebeard, which the Potomac Nationals will give out to the first 1,000 fans at Saturday’s game.

(Artist’s rendition, courtesy the Potomac Nationals)
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