Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman makes left field look small with two great catches

June 12, 2014

(Via MASN via @recordsANDradio)

Nationals Manager Matt Williams says the plan is to move Ryan Zimmerman back to third base when Bryce Harper comes off the disabled list, and assuming Harper’s Playstation rehab goes well, that could be in early July.  Until then, Nationals fans should feel pretty good after last night about the team’s temporary replacement in left field.

Making his ninth start in the outfield, Zimmerman made two excellent plays in the Nationals’s 6-2 win over the San Francisco Giants. The first came on a slicing line drive off the bat of Brandon Crawford with two outs, a man on second and Washington leading 4-1 in the sixth.

“Just go for the ball, I guess,” Zimmerman said of the catch in true Zimmerman fashion. “I’m kind of learning on the fly.”

Zimmerman appeared to get a good taste of the AT&T Park grass on the play.

“The landing wasn’t very smooth,” he later added. “But in the end, I was just happy I caught the ball.”

“It’s remarkable, really, to see him change positions and look so natural,” said Jayson Werth, who joined fellow outfielder Denard Span and other teammates in greeting Zimmerman before he received a barrage of high-fives in the Nationals dugout. “It’s not beginner’s luck or anything. He’s getting good reads. He’s running good routes. I said the other day, he makes left field look small. As an outfielder, that’s the ultimate compliment.”

After the Giants cut the lead to 4-2, Zimmerman ended the seventh inning with a sliding catch of an Angel Pagan blooper. Enjoy watching him in the outfield while you can.

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