What are RGIII’s most popular hashtags?


My pal Thom Loverro recently wrote a column for the Washington Times that focused on Robert Grififin III’s strong hashtag game.

“@RGIII and the @Redskins, influencing people one #hashtag at a time,” was the headline. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m surprised, in between #themovement, #knowyourwhy, #gocatchyourdream, #thisisforus and the seemingly countless other messages that SuperBob has sent out on his Twitter account, we haven’t seen #pleaseloveme.

Then again, he doesn’t have to. SuperBob is winning their love, one Twitter follower at a time….

SuperBob clearly likes people, and that is a beautiful thing. He has a big heart, and that is a beautiful thing. All these tweets — #thisisforus — may be his way to reach out to as many people as he can, 1.14 million followers and counting, and let them know he really cares about them. This superstar athlete — the quarterback of the Washington Redskins — cares about me.

And so on and so forth. It’s a perceptive piece, I think. Anyhow, that got me wondering: exactly which hashtags does Robert Griffin III use the most?

Turns out figuring that out is kind of a time-intensive project, since the quarterback tweets — and hashtags — quite a lot.

(Sidenote: Don’t we all, really. The Big Lead’s Ty Duffy recently wrote a big story on how Twitter has changed sports journalism. I was quoted! Quoting myself:

“It negatively impacts my quality of life for sure,” D.C. Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg told the Big Lead. “I find it impossible to stop paying attention to it.”


Anyhow, due to time constraints, I only went back through RGIII’s account to May 1. It’s also kind of complicated because RGIII’s particular social media style sometimes winds up regurgitating the hashtags of his followers, but in tweets associated with his own account.

Still, I counted all the tweets that came out of his actual Twitter account. I came up with just more than 100 hashtags, used in combination several hundred times. (Although, in fairness, most of the hashtags were used just once.)

Here were the leaders. Somehow, #SockSwag did not make the cut. (He’s only used #SockSwag four times since May 1.)

(Via @RGIII)
(Via @RGIII)


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