Robert Griffin III channels his inner Ricky Bobby: ‘You’re either the Super Bowl champion or you’re not’

June 18, 2014

(Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

NFL Network’s Albert Breer caught up with Robert Griffin III at Redskins Park on Tuesday and asked the QB about his expectations for the season. Naturally, Griffin quoted from “Talladega Nights.”

“There’s only one happy team at the end of the year,” Griffin said. “There’s not two, [or] three. To quote Ricky Bobby, you’re either first or you’re last. I know that’s funny, but it’s the truth. You’re either the Super Bowl champion or you’re not the Super Bowl champion, and we want to be Super Bowl champions. It starts one game at a time, one week at a time, and we’ve taken care of that on this Movement that we like to call it. On this Movement, we’ve taken care of every step and we’re looking forward to training camp.”

This isn’t the first time that Griffin has quoted “Talladega Nights.” He also channeled his inner Ricky Bobby before driving the pace car at Richmond International Raceway in April.

Griffin was asked to elaborate on The Movement, which he has discussed and hashtagged before.

“The Movement is an identity for us,” he said. “What’s going to be our identity? The Hogs had their identity. We’re not the Hogs. We’re a fast, explosive football team, both on offense and defense. So what brand of football are we going to play? Are we going to be a physical football team? Are we going to be a strong football team? And that’s for us to decide, and I think we’re deciding that right now. We have a little bit of everything, so that’s good.”

One unsolicited suggestion for an identity/hashtag for this year’s team: #ShakeAndBake.

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