How The Post covered the Redskins’ 1999 trademark result

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Several readers asked me how The Post covered the news in April of 1999 that the Redskins had lost their federal trademark registration, pending appeal, an appeal the team eventually won after more than a decade of legal dispute.

Now, 1999 was a very different media time than 2014. This week’s news was greeted by many many blog items on The Post’s site, containing thousands of words, images and videos that were published exclusively online, many of them on this very blog. And there’s really nothing to compare that to in 1999. So I’m only looking at the print sections here.

Both years there were A1 stories about the news, stories that jumped to an inside page. The 1999 story was about 1,000 words long; the 2014 story was about 1,400 words long and included a front-page photo from offseason workouts.

(The Washington Post)


Here’s what the inside jump page looked like. An excerpt from The Switch was included in 2014; obviously there was no additional news story in 1999. There were three photos this year, and none in 1999.

(The Washington Post)


Sports didn’t have anything about the result in 1999. In 2014, Sports ran a column from Sally Jenkins, who wrote that she’s opposed to the team name but doesn’t like the federal government’s involvement.

(The Washington Post)


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