Fog Monster joins Sun Monster in Nats lore

(David Banks/Getty Images)

The Nats have had several run-ins with the Sun Monster at Nats Park.

Thursday night, they ran into the Fog Monster at Wrigley Field. James Wagner explained:

Throughout the night, the fog threatened both teams. [Denard] Span made a handful of difficult plays through the haze. With two outs in the sixth, Fister got Luis Valbuena to sky a ball to center field. Span, however, couldn’t see the ball in the thick fog, throwing up his hands. The ball fell in, left fielder Ryan Zimmerman raced to find it, and Valbuena settled for a triple.

That triple didn’t wind up costing the Nats. But the visual of Span, hands held up in confusion, while teammates pointed skyward, was an arresting one.

(Via MASN)

(Via MASN)

Here’s the gif, via Cut4.

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Dan Steinberg · June 27, 2014