Bryce Harper returns to throngs of fans waiting for his bobblehead

(Scott Allen / TWP)


This was the line for Bryce Harper bobbleheads 50 minutes before the gates opened on Monday, and more than three and a half hours before the game began.

And this was the line about a half hour later, still about three hours before the first pitch.

“It’s fun for the fans, a good time for them,” Harper said before the game. “Hopefully nobody kills themselves trying to get a bobblehead.”

(Scott Allen / TWP)
(Scott Allen / TWP)

And here’s the line at 4:20 pm.

What in the name of fancy hair pomade is going on here? What are these people doing standing in the 90 degree heat and sun, with a Yankees-Red Sox expanse of time stretched in front of them before the Nats would even play baseball? Let’s hear some of their stories.


(Scott Allen / TWP)
(Scott Allen / TWP)

Above, please meet Fred and Cindy Bentley from Bowie. They parked at the Greenbelt Metro station and took a train downtown, arriving at the Park a bit after 2 pm, or five hours early.

“We were three hours early for the Harper bobblehead game last year and didn’t get one,” Cindy Bentley said. “So we wanted to be safe.”


(Scott Allen / TWP)

Here is Mike Tingen (in red) with son Cole, and Seth Gordon (in white) with son Spencer. They arrived just a touch after 2, to make sure.


(Scott Allen / TWP)

And here is Lisa Starling from Lorton. She teaches elementary school in Fairfax County, and was the first person in line Monday, arriving around 1:30. Why?

“Because it’s Bryce Harper and I know how bad the line gets,” she said. “I generally get here early for all the promotions, but this is extreme, even for me.”

She brought a book of crosswords and some water to keep her busy, and also passed the time chatting with strangers. She shares season tickets in section 202, the home of Harper’s Homeboyz, as you obviously know. She got Harper’s autograph in Potomac last week, and her favorite Nats bobblehead is the one featuring Ivan Rodriguez, her favorite player of all time.

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