DeSean Jackson and Daniel Sturridge debate football vs. soccer at BET Awards

(Kevin Winter / Getty Images for BET)
(Kevin Winter / Getty Images for BET)

Whether DeSean Jackson helps the Redskins win more games or score more points remains to be seen, but the wide receiver certainly is adding to the national buzz. Last week, it was the cover of ESPN the Magazine’s “Comeback Issue;” this week, Jackson was on stage at the BET Awards, hugging Pharrell and faux-arguing with fellow presenters Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge and actor Boris Kodjoe.

“I am honored to introduce to you guys my good friend and international football star, for Liverpool FC, Daniel Sturridge,” Kodjoe began. “See I’m so happy to see this much football on TV. The World Cup’s incredible. Both my teams, USA and Germany, are in the final 16. I love me some World Cup.”

“You do mean soccer, right?” Jackson interjected. “Because the real football, we’re still in the offseason.”


(Kevin Winter / Getty Images for BET)
(Kevin Winter / Getty Images for BET)

“DeSean, we’ve been kicking football internationally for years, baby boy,” Sturridige disagreed. “You know, we invented the game, and that’s it.”

“Hey, check this out man, I play football,” Jackson said, feigning insult.

“I play football too,” Sturridge said, feigning more insult.

“Fellas relax, okay?” Kodjoe requested. “International football, national football; you both play with balls.”

“Hold on, pause, pause, pause!” Jackson said. “Ain’t none of that, man.”

Kind of loses something in the transcription.

Anyhow, then they read the nominees for best male R&B/pop artist, and Pharrell won, and Jackson was very excited and asked where Pharrell was, and then was the first one to greet the musician on stage.


(Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)
(Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)
(Kevin Winter / Getty Images for BET)
(Kevin Winter / Getty Images for BET)
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