Nats on the rise in NL Yeast

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Remember this item, ye who protest that I post too many items about a certain etymological NFL topic. This is the alternative.

So anyhow, it was Mitt Monday at Nats Park. Fans brought oven mitts to the game. Others lamented that they had forgotten theirs at home. The protective-oven-mitt-wearing Bryce Harper had a base hit, an RBI and a run scored. The protective-oven-mitt-wearing Ryan Zimmerman had three hits, an RBI and two runs scored. No one was thinking about broken thumbs, which had necessitated the weird devices in the first place.

And they did their damage together. Harper drove in Zimmerman for Washington’s first run. And both men scored on an Ian Desmond double in the sixth that broke the game open. That led to an amazing scene at home plate, when — perhaps for the first time in Major League Baseball history — two men celebrated in one picture frame while wearing matching black protective oven mitts.

You remember what Bryce Harper said last week, yes?

We’re gonna go bake,” was the exact quote.

Yeah, well, Monday night, they baked, even if some columnists wound up extra salty. Ooh, that burned! Pretty sweet joke, right? Can’t wait to see that division banner rise after the Nats win the NL Yeast. Etc.

(Via MASN)

(Via MASN)

And they weren’t the only ones, either. The Nats called it “Mitt Monday” on social media, and it was hard to argue. I mean, check out these diehards.

Still, I think Nats fans have more oven mitts yet left in them. There has to be at least one group shot of many Nats fans celebrating in matching oven mitts before the kitchen timer sounds and this craze goes the way of “Take On Me.”


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